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Shire of Lake Grace Roads

The Shire of Lake Grace is located in the Southern Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. The Shire covers an area of 10, 747 square kilometres and manages a vast road network. 

Council roads, as depicted on the Road Classification Listings and Road Classification Plan are categorised into "A", "B" & "C" class roads and will be afforded the following work criteria:

"A" Class

  • Formation to be 10m width
  • Carriageway to be 7m width with 200mm gravel sheet
  • Shoulders to be 2 x 1.5m
  • Crossfall to be 4%
  • Floodways to be equipped with a minimum of 2 x 237mm culverts and headwalls
  • Backslopes to be cleared annually of all regrowth 
  • Long Term Development: bitumen surface

"B" Class

  • Formation to be 10m width
  • Carriageway to be 7m width with 200mm gravel sheet
  • Shoulders to be 2 x 1.5m
  • Crossfall to be 4%
  • Floodways to be equipped with a minimum of 2 x 237mm culverts and headwalls
  • Backslopes to be cleared annually of all regrowth
  • One additional grading before harvest, if necessary 
  • Long Term Development: to remain as gravel surface

Profile & Specifications for A & B Class Roads

"C" Class

  • Formation to be 8m width
  • Carriageway to be 6m width with 150mm gravel sheet
  • Shoulders to be 2 x 1m

Profile & Specifications for C Class Roads 

Class "A" Roads

Council recognises the following 'A' Class Roads as major regional routes and are sealed or planned to be sealed.

  • Biddy-Camm Road
  • Mallee Hill Road
  • North LG –Karlgarin Road
  • Lake Biddy Road
  • Biddy-Buniche Road
  • Aylemore Road
  • Newdegate North Road
  •  Newdegate Road
  • Magenta Road
  • Varley South Road
  • Holt Rock South Road
  • Norseman Road

Class "B" Roads

Class 'B' Roads are major feeder, arterial roads and are built to a pre-seal standard.

  • Jarring South Road
  • White Dam (Jarring Nth) Road
  • West Kuender Road
  • Mordetta Road
  • Willcocks Road
  • Mallee Hill Road
  • Biddy Camm Road
  • Biddy Camm Road (2)
  • Buniche North Road
  • Biddy Buniche Road
  • Aylemore Road
  • Newdegate North Road
  • Tonkin Road
  • Burns Road
  •  Ardler Road
  • Magenta Road
  • Taylor Road
  • Winchcombe Road
  • Carstairs Road
  • Purnta Road
  • Pickernell Road
  • Kathleen Road
  • Norseman Road
  • Hatters Hill Road
  • Mount Sheridan Road
  • Burngup Road South
  • Old Ravensthorpe Road

Class "C" Roads

Class 'C' are low volume farm access roads and include all other Shire roads not classified


There are pavement Repair works at various locations along the Albany to Lake Grace Road between Rasmussen Road and Mason Street Lake Grace. There will be approximately 12 locations of varying work area lengths, multiple locations in one single lane area where suitable. Notification of Roadworks

From Tuesday 10 November 2020 until Saturday 21 November 2020.  


Between Mission Road and Hewson Road on the Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Road Pavement Repair works at various locations. Approximately 29 locations of varying work area lengths. Multiple locations in one single lane area where suitable.

Notification of Roadworks

Works between Monday 2 November until Saturday 14 November 2020.

Waste Management

Tip Opening Hours

Lake Grace

Monday & Wednesday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm


Wednesday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Lake King & Varley

Open Every Day

Waste & Recycling Collection Dates

Waste Collection

All waste bins are collected once a week on a Tuesday.

This is for Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King and Varley.

Recycling Collection

Recycling collection is fortnightly and alternates between Lake Grace and Newdegate. 

Please Note: There is no Recycling collection service for Lake King and Varley.

There is no access to Asbestos down loading at the Lake Grace Tip until further notice. 

Click here to view the Recycling Collection dates for 2021.

For further information contact the Shire of Lake Grace on (08) 9890 2500.


 Wastewater Services Charter 

Sewerage & Drainage

Wastewater Service Charter

The Shire of Lake Grace is responsible for the provision of sewerage services to the Lake Grace townsite in accordance with the License issued to the Shire by the Economic Regulation Authority under the Water Services Licensing Act 1995.

The intent of the Charter is to inform customers/ratepayers serviced by the Lake Grace Townsite Sewerage Scheme of their rights and includes:

  • Services provided
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Interruptions to the service
  • Levels of service
  • Connections
  • Charges
  • Complaints procedure

For further information, please contact the Shire on (08) 9890 2500.

A Customer Services Charter for the provision of this service is available at the following link:
To view: Wastewater Services Charter
(Large-print version)

A link to current legislation governing customer rights in regards to water services is below
Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018


The standpipe project has now been finalised. To access water at the below sites you will need a Standpipe Controller Swipe Card.

Installation sites

Jarring South Road

Lake Grace Town - Dewar Street

Mallee Hill Road - Lake Grace/Pingrup Road

North Lake Grace - Kulin Lake Grace Road

Dicko's Tank - Lake Grace/Pingaring Road

Gimbel Road - Lake Grace/Kulin Road

Burngup South Road

Rodger Road - Rodger Road/Lake Biddy Road

Newdegate Town - CBH Yard

Newman Road

Mission Road - Biddy Camm Road

North Newdegate - Biddy Camm Road


Swipe Cards

Cards are available from the Shire, a $50 bond is required. You will need to complete and sign a registration form detailing your name and billing address. 

If you are unable to come into the Shire's Administration Office, the form can be faxed or emailed to you to complete and return; payment of the bond can be made by card over the phone. Your access card will then be mailed to you.

For further help or information, please call the Shire on (08) 9890 2500.


Works and Services Requests

What is a Works & Services Request?

A tool that enables community members to report a problem or damage relating to Shire buildings, property and roads.

Shire staff are not always able to detect matters that require attention and appreciate community feedback.


Lodgement of a Works & Services Request

A request can be lodged:

  • By telephone - 9890 2500
  • By fax - 9890 2599
  • By post to PO Box 50, Lake Grace WA 6353
  • By email -
  • In person at the Shire Office, 1 Bishop St, Lake Grace
  • OR via our website using the easy online form.


Information Required

  • Full name and address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Location of the problem / damage
  • Description of the problem / damage
  • Our online form allows for the inclusion of photographs.


What Happens Next?

You will be advised of receival of your request.

The request will be allocated to relevant staff to investigate, prioritise and take appropriate action.

Once completed advice will be issued to the customer via telephone or email.


Go to our online Works and Services Request Form


Natural Resource Management

Wind erosion

The wind erosion process detaches soil particles from the land surface and transports them by wind. It occurs when forces exerted by wind overcome the gravitational and cohesive forces of soil particles on the surface of the ground.

Wind erosion is a natural process that commonly occurs in deserts and on coastal sand dunes and beaches. During drought, it can also occur in agricultural regions where vegetation cover is reduced.

If the climate becomes drier or windier, then wind erosion is likely to increase. Climate change forecasts suggest that wind erosion will increase over the next 30 years due to more droughts and more variable climate.

DustWatch is a community program that monitors and reports on the extent and severity of wind erosion across Australia. It is led by scientists, with support from observers from government agencies and the community to View Dustwatch Reports.

To view the dust storm in Lake Grace Click  Dust activity for January 2013


Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management Website