Bushfire Zone Map

Fire Bans

Total Fire Bans

During a Total Fire Ban (TBF), the lighting of open-air fires or any other activity in the open air that is likely to cause a fire is banned. This includes all open-air cooking or camping fires, incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting.

A TFB may be declared by the Fire & Emergency Services Commissioner on a day when a fire is most likely to spread rapidly because of extreme fire weather or if there are already widespread fires and the resources to fight more fires are not available.

The use of equipment powered by internal combustion engines in any area where there is bush, crops, pasture or stubble is also prohibited. Farmers can still harvest their crop and feed or water stock in a paddock, unless a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban has been declared by the Shire of Lake Grace.

You CANNOT use any BBQ or cooker (including Weber BBQs) that requires solid fuel including:

  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Heat beads

You CAN use a gas or electric BBQ or cooker, if:

  • It’s a permanent BBQ in a public picnic area
  • You use it in a public space within the sign posted BBQ area
  • It’s at or in your home
  • It has an enclosed flame
  • You clear all material that could burn within a 5m radius around it. Short green grass less than 5cm in height and reticulated gardens are not considered to be flammable.

A TFB is declared the evening before the day it is to take effect. Check the Emergency WA website  after 6pm to see if a ban has been declared for the next day or call the TFB hotline on 1800 709 355.

For more information visit the Department of Fire & Emergency (DFES) website

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans                                          

The Shire of Lake Grace may impose a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban (HVMB) for its district, or areas within its district, during the prohibited or restricted burning times if a Bush Fire Control Officer decides (based on a set of predetermined weather conditions) that the use of any engines, vehicles, plant or machinery is likely to cause a or spread a bush fire.

When a HVMB is declared, all harvesting activities must stop immediately, and you are not allowed to drive a vehicle (with an internal combustion engine) across paddocks that are in crop or stubble or drive in the bush. This includes motor cycles and quad bikes. 

For information about current bans:

  • phone the Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban Hotline on 9487 7191.
  • tune into ABC Radio.

The Shire may also send an SMS will be sent all registered SMS Alert users. Please contact the Shire of on 9890 2500 to join this service and receive an SMS to your phone when a HMVB is put in place. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to check if a HVMB is in place before undertaking any activity that may be subject to the Ban.

Activities Permitted During HVMB

Vehicles and equipment may be driven on gazetted roads and laneways, provided it has a trafficable surface, is at least 4 metres wide, cleared of all inflammable materials with overhanging vegetation pruned so as not to touch the vehicle.

You can still carry out the following agricultural activities during a HVMB, if you are accompanied by a mobile firefighting unit (carrying a minimum of 600 litres of water):

  • water carting for stock and domestic purposes;
  • travel to, from and within piggeries and feed lots;
  • all necessary carting of livestock; and
  • any other activity permitted by the local government.

Fire Zones (Harvest Ban Zones) - please click below to view maps: