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Wildflowers in the Shire of Lake Grace

The Shire of Lake Grace is in Western Australia's Southern Wheatbelt and is located 345km southeast of Perth on the Perth - Esperance route.

From August through to late November, you can expect to see a wonderfully diverse array of wildflowers from Lake Grace/Tarin Rock in the west of the Shire through to Lake King,120 km to the east, Varley to the north-east and Pingaring to the north. A fantastic display can also be seen at the Rabbit Proof Fence, 30kms east of Lake King on the Norseman Road.

Early varieties include many species of orchids, Sundews, Hakea, Grevillea, Leptospermum (tea tree), Phebalium, Chamelaucium (wax flower), Allocasuarina (sheoak), Synaphea and there are always some of the many species of Acacia (wattle) flowering. During mid Spring, the blues of Dampiera and Lechenaultia colour the road verges, accompanied by the bright orange of Gastrolobium. Hibbertia, Calothamnus, Pimelea, Stackhousia, Chloanthes, Pityrodia (foxglove), Melaleuca and Thryptomene are also abundant in the area. 

Later the verticordias, cyanostegia, adenanthus, eremaea, beaufortia, billardiera and the lachnostachys are some of the many beautiful species found in the Shire's larger than average nature reserves, on the road verges and on the corners of side roads where the soil has been disturbed in previous years. Seasonal conditions also determine the quality and abundance. 

wildflowers dampier2 Common Name: Rush-like Dampier
Botanical Name: Dampiera juncea
Flowering Season: July to November
Location: Rifle Range Hill - 5kms east of Lake Grace
Habitat: Road verges throughout the Shire 
wildflowers morrison

Common Name: Yellow Feather Flowr or Morrison
Botanical Name: Verticordia chrysentha
Flowering Season: August to December
Location: Rifle Range Hill - 5kms east of Lake Grace on the LG/Newdegate Rd
Habitat: Sand plains & gravel soils throughout the Shire 
wildflowers bluefairy Common Name: Blue Fairy
Botanical Name: Cyanicula deformis
Flowering Season: May to September
Location: Dingo Rock - approx 25kms north-east of Lake Grace on the LG Newdegate Rd
Habitat: Granite outcrops throughout the Shire of Lake Grace 
wildflowers bridalrainbow

Common Name: Bridal Rainbow
Botanical Name: Drosera macrantha
Flowering Season: June to November
Habitat: Granite outcrops 
 wildflowers grevilla Common Name: Orange Flame Grevillia
Botanical Name: Grevillea Excelsior
Flowering Season: May to August, December
Habitat: Natural bush areas, road verges
Location: From Lake Grace through to Lake King 
 wildflowers bottlebrush Common Name: Granite Bottlebrush
Botanical Name: Melaleuca Elliptica
Flowering Season: June, September to January
Habitat: Granite outcrops
Location: From Lake Grace through to Lake King, Roe Heritage Trail south of Lake King on the Lake King Ravensthorpe Rd 
wildflowers Leschenaultia

Common Name: Blue Leschenaultia
Botanical Name: Lechenaultia bi loba
Flowering Season: July to December
Habitat: Road verges
Location: Throughout the Shire, Rifle Range Hill - 5kms east of Lake Grace on the LG Newdegate Rd
wildflowers mopbushpea

Common Name: Mop Bushpea
Botanical Name: Urodon dasyphyllus
Flowering Season: July, September to October
Habitat: Sandy, gravely soils
Location: Rifle Range Hill - 5kms east of Lake Grace on the LG Newdegate Rd
wildflowers whitespider

Common Name: White Spider Orchid
Botanical Name: Caladenia
Flowering Season: August / September
Habitat: Granite outcrops
Location: Dingo Rock - approx 25kms north east of Lake Grace on the LG Newdegate Rd
wildflowers pinkeverlasting 
Common Name: Pink Everlasting  
Botanical Name: Lawrencella rosea 
Flowering season: July to October 
Habitat:  Granite or gravel – variety of habitats 
Location:  Various locations throughout the Shire                  
 wildflowers dampiera
Botanical Name: Dampiera Species 
Flowering season: July to November Habitat Road verges
Location:  Rifle Range Hill – 5kms east of Lake Grace on the LG Newdegate Rd