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Heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity - our spirit and ingenuity, our historic buildings, and our unique, living landscapes. Our heritage is a legacy from our past, a living, integral part of life today, and the stories and places we pass on to future generations.

Below you can view the list of heritage buildings within the Shire of Lake Grace.

Shire of Lake Grace Heritage Building Inventory 2014:




The Shire has identified the social and economic benefits of cultural activities that expand on traditional activities such as sport.

We are actively working with community groups such as Lake Grace Artists’ Group to foster cultural development. Lake Grace Artists’ Group manage the Lake Grace Regional Arts Space and involve the broader community in the artistic/creative experience including exhibitions, workshops, residencies and wearable art performances.

Lake Grace Regional Arts Space

25 Stubbs Street, Lake Grace WA 6353

Shire of Lake Grace Art Inventory: Here