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gumtree gathering place Pingaring

The township of Pingaring sits at the foot of a large granite rock and not far from Pingaring Spring. It is thought the town’s name may be derived from the indigenous word “pinjaa”, which refers to areas of wetland, soakage or swamp.

Pingaring originated as a railway siding on the Hyden to Lake Grace line, with its location decided in 1930. The town site was gazetted in 1963 and early settlement was difficult. Wheat was carted in hessian bags and stacked until the first wheat bin was erected in 1938. Despite the hardships, a wonderful spirit of friendship and cooperation is ever-present in the Pingaring district.

The Pingaring area is also home to a number of plants not found anywhere else in the world. After the land was opened up for agriculture, areas such as granite outcrops remained uncleared. It is in these areas that the most endangered of Pingaring's threatened plants, such as the Pingaring Spider Orchid make their home.