Shire office


Waste & Recycling Collection Dates:

Waste Collection:

All waste bins are collected once a week on a Monday.

This is for Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King and Varley.

Recycling Collection:

Recycling collection is fortnightly and alternates between Lake Grace and Newdegate. 

Please Note: There is no Recycling collection service for Lake King and Varley.

Click Here to view the recycling collection dates.

For further information contact the Shire of Lake Grace on (08) 9890 2500.

What's Recyclable and What's Not!

Recycling bins are collected by Warren Blackwood Waste and transported to a recycling facility.

If items which are not recyclable are found the content can’t be recycled and the load will be directed to landfill.

If an item is covered in food, it is not recyclable. Food is one of the worst contaminators in the recycling process. Please remember to rinse out cups, cans, jars etc. before throwing them in the bin.

By using the yellow top recycling bin correctly you are contributing, in a combined community effort, to reduce the amount of rubbish that is directed to landfill facilities each year.