Shire office

Booking and Hiring Local Government (Shire) Property

Before you book

To ensure the property is available and is suitable for your function please speak to our Customer Service Officer prior to making your application.

Information about our facilities can be found on our website, under Facilities.

Things to know

¨ All booking fees and charges are subject to change. Please check the fees and charges to determine costs that may be associated with your booking.

¨ All bookings require the payment of a bond. This bond secures your booking and  upon a successful inspection after your function.

¨ Any excess cost for damages or clean up of the property will be invoiced to the applicant.

¨ If alcohol is to be consumed on the property you are also required to apply for a permit through the Shire of Lake Grace (Shire of Lake Grace Policy 7.3). Please note this is not a Liquor Licence. This is a permit giving you permission to consume alcohol at a Shire facility ONLY.

¨ If liquor is to be sold or supplied a separate permit from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor may be required. For more information visit

¨ A letter advising the outcome of your application will be sent within 10 days.

¨ Keys are to be collected from the Shire’s Administration Building and must be returned the day after your function.

For assistance please contact the Shire's Customer Service Officer on 9890 2500.



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