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Rec Grounds

Lake Grace Sports Ovals


Lake Grace boasts two fully reticulated grassed ovals. The Eastern oval, pictured above, is generally used for weekend football and cricket matches, whilst the Western oval is used for hockey matches.

The Western Oval has recently been extended to full football oval size as part of a joint initiative between the Shire and local community. This enables Lake Grace to hold football carnivals and events which require two full sized match venues.

Newdegate Sports Ovals

Newdegate Oval

Newdegate has a fully reticulated grassed oval, used for football and cricket training during the week and weekend games. 

hockey field

The grassed Hockey Field adjoining the oval has new installed lights.

Lake King Sports Ovals

Lake King Sporting Precincts has a fully reticulated grassed oval where regular football games are played on the weekend.

Lake King Oval

Lake King Oval goal posts

Varley Sports Ovals

We'll be filling this in soon.

Pingaring Sports Ovals

We'll be filling this in soon.