Lake Grace

Lake Grace Citizen of the Year

Phil Clarke nominated by Lake Grace Community Men’s Shed

Phil has been involved in the Lake Grace Community Men's Shed (LGCMS) since the beginning of the project, over 10 years ago. He has been a key driver in steering and progressing the Shed, and has headed up the Lake Grace Community Men’s Shed Committee for the duration of this time. He has been involved in all aspects of the project - and being a retired farmer - his "Jack of all Trades" training has stood him in good stead.

Phil has always believed in the benefits that Men’s Sheds offer their communities, and this has been evident in the way he has contributed to the project. From initially researching and identifying potential Shed location sites, through to planning and designing the shed with members and community, negotiating the final location, obtaining incorporation, fundraising, seeking sponsorship, servicing members, and equipping the shed, Phil has been committed to seeing the project come to fruition - from beginning to end. He has worked closely with the Shire and the Community, the Committee and members to ensure that the Shed is and will continue to be a reflection of what the community wants and needs. He has worked to overcome any obstacles which presented themselves in the building and fundraising processes, and has dedicated many hours to ensuring that the Shed is a viable asset to the Community. With Committee support, Phil has implemented projects to aide in financial sustainability for the Shed including the ongoing battery drive, community projects and collaborations, and grant and sponsorship opportunities

Phil has been a great ambassador for the Men's Shed project, and since the beginning he has been dedicated to ensuring that the Shed is, and remains, relevant and accessible to all community members. He has provided leadership and support to the Committee, members and Community throughout the project.

He has attended both state and national men's shed conferences, and more recently, the state zone meetings. He has ensured that the Lake Grace Community Men's Shed has been a member of both state and national Men's Shed bodies. Phil has been a passionate advocate for the benefit of Men's Sheds to all communities and shown initiative and innovation in the way the Shed is run.

When discussing with members of the Lake Grace Community Men's Shed what they like about their Shed, one of the most common answers is "no-one pulls rank", and "there is no pecking order". These are values that Phil upholds and shares resulting in Phil being well respected by members and peers. Phil has been proactive in encouraging interaction and activities with other Sheds and their members and the Lake Grace Community Men's Shed has taken a number of bus trips and Shed visits over the years.

Phil has been a longstanding committed community member who has lived and farmed in Lake Grace most of his life. He has held a number of roles and been involved with a number of community groups over the years, with his most recent achievement celebrating 32 years with the Lake Grace Lions Club – and 15 years involvement with the Lake Grace Lions Calendar.

Phil has been President of the Lake Grace Community Men's Shed since the project began, over 10 years ago. He has represented the Shed at Conferences, Zone Meetings, and both in state and national bodies. He has been a consistent and dedicated voice for the Shed and an advocate for all that Men's Shed's stand for. The Lake Grace Community Men's Shed won the Lake Grace Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event in 2017.


Lake Grace Acknowledgement of Nomination

Tania Bray nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

Tania has been the driving force behind the School Promotion Committee, of which she is the current Chair, during 2017. She has sourced funding to aid with school promotion activities; spent many hours engaging with education department officials and politicians; liaised with surrounding schools, school bus services and families to enable students from surrounding towns to attend the Lake Grace District High School.

A successful promotion activity held in 2017 was a School Promotion Committee stand at the Newdegate Field Days.

One of Tania's passions has been to re-instate the Design and Technology program for high school students at Lake Grace, which involved lobbying local business for support.

Tania has also reported regularly to the Lake Grace Development Association on progress of the School Promotion Committee.

Tania is a committed community volunteer in all aspects of community life. This year has been of particular note due to her commitment to the School Promotion Committee and the progress made in attracting students from surrounding towns to Lake Grace District High School.


Lake Grace Senior Citizen of the Year

Nick Maalouf nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

Nick Maalouf is very much a quiet achiever for our community. He has been a committed Lions Club Member for many years, and a stalwart for the Lake Grace Golf Club. Nick has always made himself available to assist, always in a very unassuming manner.

As the local RAC towing service contractor Nick goes above and beyond when going to assist stranded motorists, arriving with food and drinks to ensure the comfort of those he is attending. He also goes further afield, if required, usually on weekends when there is no-one else available to provide assistance.

Nick is a valued and capable community contributor in many aspects of community life, willing to make himself available where he can be of assistance.


Lake Grace Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event

St John Ambulance Lake Grace Sub-Centre nominated by  Lake Grace Development Association

The official opening of our fantastic new Lake Grace St John Ambulance sub-centre building was held on Saturday 25th February 2017.

This was the culmination of seven years of planning by the Lake Grace sub-centre volunteers, then, under direction of Project Manager Amanda Milton, the last fifteen months seeing the build from start to spectacular finish. There were over 200 people in attendance for the official opening including officials, our own SJAA volunteers and from other sub-centres, people from near and far who donated to the project, and local community members.

There was plenty of opportunity for a guided tour of the building prior to the formalities and afternoon tea to follow. A comprehensive article covering the Grand Opening was published in the Lakes Link outlining the event. A very special touch was that every person in attendance was invited to cut the ribbon at the front of the building, to demonstrate the valued contribution of so many to bring this project to fruition. Lake Grace St John Ambulance can be very proud of this wonderful building, and the opening event will be remembered fondly by all.

The Lake Grace St John Ambulance volunteers continually contribute to the enhancement of the local community. The opening of this building offers an ongoing enhancement for the whole district.