Shire Standpipe Closures - UPDATE 25 January 2019

Water Corporation has this afternoon re-opened six local government standpipes in the Shire of Lake Grace, which had to be locked last Saturday to help maintain the town of Lake Grace’s drinking water supplies.

Of the seven that were closed, these 6 standpipes have now been turned back on:

  • North Lake Grace Road
  • Dewar Street
  • Burngup South Road
  • Cnr Roger Road and Biddy Camm Road 
  • Newman Road
  • Cr Newdegate North Road and Biddy Camm Road 

The standpipe on Gimble Rd in Lake Grace remains closed.

Water Corporation will continually monitor water use, and residents should be aware that local government standpipes may be locked again at short notice, if there is a large drawn down on the local water supply scheme.

Notification of standpipe closures will be given via the Shire of Lake Grace’s SMS notification system. 

If you wish to receive these notifications contact the Shire of Lake Grace on 9890 2500to be added. 

An update will also be posted on the Water Corporation’s homepage at www.watercorporation.com.au

Residents that require access to water for farming are strongly encouraged to contact the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) on 1800 780 300 or email ruralwater@water.wa.gov.au.  DWER is the responsible government agency that manages emergency farmland water if it is needed from off-farm sources.

DWER is also working with the Water Corporation and the Shire of Lake Grace to establish two additional non-drinking water supply alternatives within the Shire of Lake Grace for farming and other commercial uses.  Detailed information will be provided once these sources are available.

DWER has advised the current alternative sources of non-drinking water in the Shire of Lake Grace are:

  • Dunn Rock - 2 Dams - Located at South Newdegate, Taylor Road
  • Magenta North - Ardler Road
  • SE Newdegate (Cuffy's) Dam - Pingrup Road
  • SE Newdegate - Magenta Road
  • East Newdegate (Machetti's Tank) - Haigh Road East Newdegate
  • Kukerin Town Dam - 25kms from Tarin Rock in the town of Kukerin 

More information on possible sources is available at: