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Containers for Change

Beverage containers make up 44% of all litter in Western Australia (2017 to 2018 National Litter Index) even though they are made from easily recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, aluminium and cardboard. To help encourage more Western Australians to collect and return these containers, from June 2020, Containers for Change will provide a 10-cent refund per container recycled.

The aim of the scheme is to

  • Increase the recovery and recycling of beverage containers
  • Reduce the amount of beverage containers in litter and landfill
  • Help create new jobs in our communities
  • Work with existing collection and recycling programs in WA
  • Make sure manufacturers fulfil their product stewardship responsibilities
  • Encourage social enterprise to improve communities and our environment
  • Help not-for-profits, clubs and charities fundraise and make a difference in their community

Western Australia Return Recycle Renew (WARRRL) is proud to be the scheme coordinator and  is determined  to reduce litter, improve recycling efforts, and get everyone involved in keeping our state beautiful.


Refund Point Application Pack

To download Word document Attachment B - Application Form

Pro forma Refund Point Agreement

Go to the Containers for Change Website HERE