WA Primary Health Alliance

See Your GP campaign

WA Primary Health Alliance shapes, strengthens and sustains a health system that works for people. In the wake of COVID-19, we are working to ensure that GPs can keep delivering essential care and that consumer health is not put at risk over concerns about seeing a doctor.

 Across WA, GPs are reporting a reduction in visits by patients who would normally attend for regular health issues, chronic conditions, mental health issues, screening, prescriptions and support. This may be putting people at greater risk of delayed diagnosis for serious health problems, or an interruption of care for mental health or chronic disease.

The See Your GP campaign seeks to remind consumers and carers of the importance of regular medical appointments and reassure them of the availability of safe, essential health care.


Key messages for this campaign

  • Regular medical needs don’t stop in the middle of the pandemic.
  • Don’t put off getting a check on your health/ the health of those you care for.
  • It is more important than ever for Western Australians to stay healthy and get the prescriptions, screening and support they need.
  • General practices are open, and appointments are available, including by phone and video.
  • Carers are making difficult decisions about how to keep those they care for safe.
  • Part of that is making the right call about how to get regular medical care without being at greater risk of infection.
  • GPs understand the importance of infection control and they are taking steps to keep patients, doctors and practice staff safe.
  • Changes might include asking people to wait outside or in their car to keep space between patients or staff wearing masks. They are simple but important steps in infection control.
  • Your general practice might look a little different, but the changes are designed to reduce risk and keep everyone well.
  • If you are concerned, ask the receptionist when you call about what to expect at the clinic.
  • You can also ask for a telehealth or video appointment so you can get essential advice in your own home.
  • However, for some people and conditions, it is still best to have an in-person appointment and you can be assured that this will be safe.

Your health matters, so see your GP.