Newdegate Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event of the Year, 

Newdegate Machinery Field Days nominated by Anne Bishop

The Newdegate Machinery Field Days is a two day event, bringing the latest agriculture-related machinery / items of interest and free entertainment for the families of the Lake Grace Shire and surrounding areas.

The event brings over 350 displays, showcasing a wide variety of their latest machinery products, agribusiness, technology, and research information, also livestock, camping and outdoor equipment, home wares, arts, fashion, food and wine (and more) to a location easily accessible to the families and business owners in our region.

As well as the above, the businesses in the surrounding areas have opportunity to benefit from catering to all the needs of the many thousands of visitors. The event provides exposure and awareness of this region to the Australian tourism industry. When they are here, many of our long distance visitors take the opportunity spend extra time in our beautiful region before returning home.

Our children know that generations of families have worked hard to keep this event going and that in itself is a healthy example of what is important when living in small community - working together to make things better for future generations.  

The event unites the people of our small community to rally together to plan and organise this nationally recognised and supported event. It also provides a fine role-modelling example of the importance and benefits of individuals working together on community projects.

There is opportunity for all volunteers to nominate their working hours to any local groups and organisations and/or Royal Flying Doctor Service, providing an excellent active citizenship and community life opportunity for all those involved. Funding applications are open to community groups for financial assistance for the benefit of the Newdegate community.

The event has grown considerably in its 45 years to be recognised state-wide and nationally as one of the premier agricultural display events. It is widely recognised and well endorsed in the exhibiting circuit for many of the major national manufacturing companies and is regularly featured in the Countryman and Farm Weekly newspapers.

The Committee enjoy good relationships with the Committees of Dowerin Machinery Field Days and Wagin Woolorama. There is an ongoing and reciprocal arrangement with Wagin Woolorama Committee, providing display judging volunteers each year.