Dear Farmers of Lake Grace,

You are aware that a Water Deficiency Declaration has been announced in the Shire of Ravensthorpe around the Mount Short Region and we are now carting water to a Mount Short Dam Tank for the local farmers to access emergency livestock water.

Our intention is to cart water from Lake King old drinking water supply that is currently not being used. There is approximately 11 million litres available at the site. Water Corporation is assisting with the logistics of carting contracts and carting rates etc. Currently the access track into the Lake King dam is being  upgraded for trucks to access the site.  This may take approximately a week.

In the short term we are carting from Mount Madden dam and Varley dam which we are aware that you as local farmers are concerned about because of pressures of insufficient farm storage and high water carting needs for livestock from those sources. It is not our intention to deplete or drain supplies being accessed by local farmers. The water carting from these sites will only be in the short term once Lake King is online.

We are monitoring the volumes of water taken from these supplies and will replenish them with water from Lake King to ensure there is adequate supply at Mount Madden and Varley Dams for local farmers to access.    

We are also working quickly to extend a pipe from the Mount Madden Bore to a location at the rock quarry 200m to the south with tank and standpipe facilities to help provide more water for livestock and supplement supplies.

We are also proactively working to upgrade dams in the Lake Grace Shire to improve water capture and storage for future years. Currently we are working to refurbish Tommy’s Dam and catchment (once complete, Tommy’s dam will be equipped with a large tank and standpipe), 14 Mile dam catchment and silt trap dam, Newdegate south (Cuffy’s) Dam desilting and Magenta Dam (Ardler road) catchment and silt trap dam.


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Tracy Calvert, Manager - Rural Water Planning, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 0428 180 240 or 9841 0122.