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Fees and Charges


The full list of Fees and Charges for 2019-20 may be found in the 2019-2020 Budget document:




Rating Enquiries  
Property Settlement Enquiry $51.00
Complete Property Search $64.00
Black & White Maps, A4 or A3 size $10.00
Coloured Maps, A4 or A3 paper size $13.00
Black & White Maps, A4 or A3 paper size, laminated $23.00
Coloured Maps A4 or A3 paper size, laminated $26.00
Coloured Maps, A2 or A1 paper size, un-laminated $26.00
Electoral Rolls $8.00
History Book $42.00
100 Years Book $69.00
Copy of Council Minutes (per annum) – Hard copy mailed $152.00
Copy of Council Minutes (per annum) – Access from website Free
Freedom of Information (FOI) Application Fee *Set by Statute $30.00 *
FOI Search Fee (Per Hour) $30.00 *

Dogs & Cats

Dog Pound Fees 

Impounding Fee $70.00
Pound Sustenance Fee (per day) $20.00
Destruction or Disposal At Cost 


Dog Registration Fees 

*Set by Statue

One Year - Male/Female  
Sterilised* $20.00
Unsterilised* $50.00
Dangerous Dog (Dog Act s15(4), (5) and (6)) $50.00
Three Years - Male/Female  
Sterilised* $42.50
Unsterilised* $120.00
One Year - Male/Female - Droving or Tending Stock  
Sterilised* $5.00
Unsterilised* $12.50
Lifetime Registration  
Sterilised $100.00
Unsterilised $250.00
Dog Tags (Replacement) $1.00


Registrations that are made after 31 May in any year, for that registration year, 50% of the fee otherwise payable. 


Dog Kennel Licence Fees

Application Fee $50.00
Annual Licence Fee - 10 or Fewer Dogs $100.00
Annual Licence Fee - More than 10 Dogs $150.00


Cat Pound Fees 

Impounding Fee $70.00
Pound Sustenance Fee (Per Day) $20.00
Destruction or Disposal At Cost


Cat Registration Fees 

*Set by Statue 

One Year Registration  
Grant or Renewal of Registration $20.00
Registration after 31 May in any year for that registration year $10.00
Three Year Registration  
Grant or Renewal of Registration $42.50
Eligible Pensioner Discount 50%
Lifetime Registration  
Grant or Renewal of Registration $100.00
Eligible Pensioner Discount 50%
Cat Breeders Registration  
Grant or Renewal per Breeding Cat (Male or Female) $100.00
Cat Tag (Replacement) $1.00


Fencing Local Law 

Application for Electrified or Razor Wire Fencing  $50.00

Hire of Shire Property

Hall Hire Fees

For all Halls within the Shire 

Community Hall Hire  
Short Term Hire (including supper room and kitchen)  
Prior to 6.00pm (per hour) $8.00
Prior to 6.00pm (day) $44.00
After 6.00pm (per hour) $16.00
After 6.00pm (night) $110.00
Single Hirer - Multiple Bookings Each Week (including supper room and Kitchen)  
Prior to 6.00pm (per hour) $6.00
Prior to 6.00pm (day) $35.50
After 6.00pm (per hour) $12.00
After 6.00pm (night) $102.00
Long Term Multiple Sessions Hire (Client to Clean) Per Hour $6.00
Seniors Wellness 100% Concession  Free 
Hall Hire Bonds   
Hire without liquor being present  $165.00
Hire when liquor is present $330.00
Equipment  $150.00
Damage to any hired equipment is to be recouped  At Cost 
Key Bond - All Facilities   
Bond for Shire facility key  $25.00
Liquor Permit Fees   
Per permit (per day) for occasional licence  $7.00
Lakes Village Hall  
Per Hour $16.00
Per Day $50.00
Recreation Centres and Pavilions   
Prior to 6.00pm (per hour) $26.00
Prior to 6.00pm (per day) $205.00
After 6.00pm (per hour) $31.00
After 6.00pm (night) $245.00
Bond for Pavilion Hire  $500.00
Building Rentals   

Dental Surgery Lease Rental (Annual)

Hire of Shire Buildings   
Medical Centre Rooms (per hour) $20.50
Medical Centre Rooms (per day) $112.00
Shire Housing Rentals  (Staff)  
Weekly Rent (applicable to staff) $175.00
Shire Housing (Other)  
14 Blackbutt Way, Lake Grace (per week) $400.00

Refuse & Recycling


Refuse Removal Charges (1 kerbside bin)  
Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King & Varley Weekly Kerbside Collection (per year) $130.00
Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King & Varley Weekly Kerbside Collection (per year) - Eligible Pensioners* (Cost of the bin pick up only)  $74.00
*This concession does not apply to Senior Card Holders  
Additional Bin Service (more than 1 kerbside bin)  
Additional Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King & Varley Weekly Kerbside Collection (per year) $130.00
Recycling Collection  
Lake Grace & Newdegate Fortnightly Kerbside Collection (per year) $134.00
Trade and Other Refuse (per m3) $83.00
Commercial (per m3) $11.00
Asbestos Waste Disposal  
Disposal at Lake Grace Refuse Site (per m3) $98.50
Used Engine Oil per L >50 Litres  $0.15
Commercial/Industrial Waste per m3 $42.50
Commercial/Industrial Waste per trailer  $31.80
Contaminated Soil (up to class 2 threshold only) per m3 $105.50
Septic Waste Disposal (WWTP) per 1000 litres  $50.50
Uncontaminated Building Rubble per (per m3) (includes brick, concrete, rock, soil, greenwaste) (At the discretion of the landfill site operator) $25.75
Commercial/Industrial Recycling Drop-Off (per m3) $36.90
Commercial/Industrial Recycling Drop-Off - Minimum Charge $18.70
Special Burials (inc Clinical (per m3)) $57.60
Tyres At Cost

Cemetary & Burial

 Cemetery Fees

Interment – Adult Burial $1,100.00
Interment – Child Burial (under 7 years) $1,000.00
Re-Opening Fee – Adult $850.00
Re-Opening Fee – Child $800.00
Grant of Right of Burial (25 years)  
Land for grave 2.4m x 3.6m  $123.00
Transfer of Grant of Right of Burial $85.30
Additional Burial Services  
Interment without due notice $81.00
Grave Digging beyond 1.8m $65.00
Vault Permit $20.00
Interment (Additional - Weekends and Public Holidays) $170.00
Exhumation $694.00
Re-interment after exhumation $694.00
Monumental Permit Fees  
Permit – Headstone Erection $81.00
Permit – Monument $190.00
Permit to enclose with kerbing, upgrade or extend any existing monumental work $76.00
Placement of Ashes  
Interment of ashes in a family grave $76.00
Niche Wall Single $39.00
Niche Wall Double $76.00
Interment of Ashes in Niche Wall  
Normal working day $115.00
Non working day $223.00
Funeral Director Licence - Annual $101.00 
Funeral Director Licence - Single Permit $85.00
Monumental Mason Licence - Annual $51.00

Swimming Pool Fees

 2019/2020 Lake Grace Pool Fees & Charges

Adults (excluding Seniors/Pensioners/Spectators) $4.00
Child or Student (over 5 years and attending school) $3.00
Toddlers (under 5 years) Free
Spectator (Non Swimmer) $1.00
Seniors/Pensioners $2.00
Swimming Classes (Vacation/Interim) $1.00

Season Tickets

Adult (16 years and over) $116.00
Child/Student/Senior/Pensioner $87.00
Family with 2 dependent children $170.00
Family with 3 or more dependent Children $200.00

 (Dependant child is 16 years of age or younger)

**10% discount on season tickets 15 kilometres and over from the pool**

 Australia Day Lions Celebration - Free pool entry until noon 

2019/2020 Newdegate Pool Fees & Charges per Season 

Adults (16 years an over) $78.00
Seniors/Pensioners/Students/Child $61.00
Family with up to two dependants $158.00
Family with three or more dependants $188.00

(Dependant child is 16 years of age or younger)

**10% discount on season tickets 15 kilometres and over from the pool**

Please note that there is a $10.00 Key Card  Deposit for any new keys issued.

2019/20 Lake King Aquatic and Recreation Classes 

Adults - All Classes  $8.00
Pensioner/Senior - All Classes $6.00
Children - All Classes $5.00
Special Program per Class $5.00
ARC Event  $5.00

Package Options - Pass Books 

Pay for 10 Passes get 1 Free 
Pay for 25 Passes get 3 Free
Pay for 50 Passes get 6 Free
Pay for 80 Passes get 10 Free

**Conditions of Passes**

  • Can be used for any class
  • No refunds
  • Cannot be exchanged for money 
  • Can only be used in the town purchased for 
  • Must be paid for upfront 


Sales of Stock and Materials


Sales of Stock and Materials   
Gravel ex pits – per m3 $4.00
Gravel ex Town Stock – per m3 $16.25
Sand ex Town Stock – per m3 $35.50
Materials ex Stock  
5mm, 7mm, 10mm & 14mm Aggregate ex Stock – per m3 $84.25
Footpath Slabs & Bricks  
Sale of surplus used footpath slabs (600x600mm) - each $2.00
Sale of surplus bricks - each $0.50

Economic Services

For information on Building Application Fees please click here:  Building-Fees-2019.20.pdf

Swimming Pool Inspection - 53(2) of Building Regulations 2012  
Swimming Pool Inspection Costs - 4 yearly pool fence inspection $58.45
BCITF *Set by Statue  
BCITF Fee  0.2% of Job Value over $20,000
BCITF Commission $8.25
Bond - Trust  
Footpath, Kerb & Road Deposit (Trust) $1,000.00
Septic Tank  
Septic Tank Application Fee * $118.00
Septic Tank Permit to Use * $118.00
Local Government Septic Tank Report Fee $118.00
*Fees are set under the Health (Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974  
Standpipe Water  
Per Kilo Litre (1,000 litres) $3.00
Swipe Card Bond - Trust $51.00
Replacement Swipe Card $51.00
Admin Fee $35.50
Other Economic Services  
Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places  
Annual Licence for outdoor eating facilities in public places  $30.50
Stallholder - single event $10.00
Stallholder - community/non-profit group Free
Trading - Single event/1 week $40.50
Trading - up to 1 month $81.00
Trading - up to 6 months $152.25
Trading - Annual $304.50
 Extractive Industries  
Annual Licence $344.00
Transfer of Licence $114.00

Plant Hire & Private Works


Hire of Plant (includes operator)  
Grader – per hour $184.00
Loader (Large) – per hour $184.00
Loader (Small) – per hour $150.00
Loader (Skid Steer) - per Hour $140.00
Truck (Semi-side Tipper) – per hour $162.00
Truck (Single Axle) – per hour $109.00
Backhoe – per hour


Multi Wheel Roller (16 tonne) – per hour $115.00
Vibrating Roller (60 inch) – per hour $118.00
Tractor – per hour $97.00
Tractor (with road broom attached) – per hour $103.00
Tractor (with slasher) – per hour $103.00
John Deere Tractor Mower – per hour $88.00
Light Vehicle Hire (when required) – cents/km $1.12
Sundry Plant – per day $61.00
Private Works  
Private Works based on:
· Cost; plus,
· Administration fee of 12.5%; plus,
· Profit margin of 12.5%
(Non-profit organisations exempt from 12.5% profit margin)
Labour only, per hour - eg travel,waiting $57.00
Travel cost per kilometre - non-plant item $1.12


Caravan Parks - Camping Grounds *Set by Statue   
#Application Fee or Multiplication of Site Prices (which ever is greater)  $200.00
*Long Stay Sites - per site $6.00
*Short Stay Sites and Sites in Transit - per site $6.00
*Camp Sites - per site $3.00
*Overflow - per site $1.50
*Licence Renewal After Expiry $20.00
*Temporary Licence - Pro-rate of application fee with minimum $100.00
*Transfer of Licence $100.00
Fees are set under the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997  
Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997  
Noise Management Plan Fee $500.00
Late Fee for notifiable event (Reg 19D) $500.00
Lodging Housing  
Annual Registration Fee $180.00



For detailed information on Planning Fees please click here  Planning-Fees-2019.20.pdf  


Traffic Licencing and Control   
"LG" Fundrasier plates  
Department of Transport Charge *Set by Statute $200.00
Donation to local non-profit/community group/project nominated by purchased, and agreed by CEO $100.00