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Preparing for a power outage during bushfires

Western Power puts safety first during bushfire season. They do this by investing significantly in preparation activities such as vegetation management and ongoing network maintenance (including replacing powerlines, poles and equipment). They take these steps before bushfire season starts to help keep the network running safely.

Once in bushfire season Western Power modify the network settings to make them more sensitive when the risk of bushfire is greatest (December to April). This could result in residents experiencing more outages.

Local residents may also experience longer outages during bushfire season due to the restoration practices being limited when Total Fire Bans and Vehicle Movement Bans are declared. In these instances power may not be restored until evening or the next day, depending when it is deemed to be safe enough to do so. Some regional powerlines are hundreds of kilometres long so patrolling the line to find the fault can take some time.

To help prepare organisations and local residents for a power outage during bushfire season Western Power have developed a brochure and short checklist which can be accessed here.

Outages and restoration times can be monitored by visiting or downloading the Western Power app to a mobile device. Faults, emergencies and power interruption information can be accessed through our emergency line on 13 13 51. For general enquiries please call 13 10 87.