Lake King


Lake King Citizen of the Year, Colin Penny
Nominated by Lake King Progress Association

Mr Penny has worked very hard over the past few years to help create the Lake King Tractor Museum. He has invested much time in tracking down the first farm built tractors in the community and sought to have them restored and now displayed in Lake King.

Collin is also on the Community Cropping Committee, and works very hard to raise funds through the sowing, harvesting and selling of our Community Crop, for the use in our community.

Over the past many years Mr Penny has also been President of the Progress Association and continues to be an active citizen in our community, volunteering at events and getting projects underway.


Lake King Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event of the Year, St Johns Ambulance - Lake King 
Nominated by Lake King Progress Association

Lake King St Johns Ambulance is an important service to our small town. The volunteers work tirelessly to keep our community and others safe. The St Johns Ambulance volunteers continually demonstrate active citizenship in our community, by working at and supporting events in our town, and hosting events such as the ball for the benefit of the towns social networking and inclusion.

The fundraising ‘trendy Black Tie Ball’ they held in September, provided a place for the community to come together and network, as well as raise funds for this vital service.

Over the past year, the volunteers have faced some very difficult situations, and handled them with professionalism and care. They continue to contribute to our community and we can only be grateful for all they do.