Integrated Planning

Integrated planning and reporting gives local governments a framework for establishing local priorities and to link this information to operational functions.

Elements of the Integrated Planning Framework

Integrated Strategic Planning Framework

Through extensive community engagement and workshops the Shire of Lake Grace has produced the following documents to comply with the Local Government Act 1995.

Strategic Community Plan

The Shire of Lake Grace Strategic Community Plan modifications was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting February 2014. 

The Strategic Community Plan captures the Shire community's collective vision, values, aspirations and priorities for the next ten years. The Shire would like to thank the community for their participation in the development of this plan.

To view the Shire of Lake Grace Strategic Community Plan click here

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan is an internal business planning tool that translates Council priorities into operations within the resources available.

The plan details the services, operations and projects a local government will deliver within a defined period. It also includes the processes for delivering these and the costs associated.

Click here to view the Shire of Lake Grace Corporate Business Plan.

Long Term Financial Plan

The Shire of Lake Grace’s Long Term Financial Plan is an important financial tool as we strive to achieve the strategies set out in the Council’s Strategic Community Plan – “Connecting with our Future 2023”.

The Plan will be used with the Corporate Business Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Plan to achieve our goals and drive the Shire in achieving its vision.

To view the Shire of Lake Grace Long Term Financial Plan click here

Workforce Plan

This Workforce Plan provides the workforce management and resource strategies necessary to deliver the objectives, outcomes and aspirations contained in the Shire of Lake Grace Community Strategic Plan.

Click here to view the Shire of Lake Grace Workforce Plan.