Strategic Community Plan Review

Have your Say

Please have a say in the future development of our Shire

During February and March, the Shire is inviting community members to contribute to a review of the Strategic Community Plan 

This is a great opportunity for residents to have input into the future direction of the Shire

We need your feedback and participation at the community workshops and community survey

Community Workshops

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

    Session 4

Monday 27 March

Monday 27 March

Tuesday 28 March Tuesday 28 March
1pm – 3pm

6pm – 8pm

12pm – 2pm 6pm – 8pm

Varley Sports Pavilion

Newdegate Recreation Centre

Lake King Hall Lake Grace Town  Hall

Please register your intention to attend by calling the Shire on 9890 2500 or email shire@lakegrace.wa.gov.au


Please visit the Shire website to complete the survey online www.lakegrace.wa.gov.au

Alternatively, you can collect a copy from the Lake Grace Shire Office, Lake Grace Library & CRC, Newdegate Library & CRC, Lake King Store and Varley Store
Please return survey forms by 4.00pm Wednesday 29 March 2017


The Shire of Lake Grace thanks you for your participation!