Community Consultation

Lake Grace Trails Master Plan

In 2006 The Shire of Lake Grace successfully secured funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation (under the 2005 Trails programme) and the Premier’s Physical Activity Taskforce for the development of a Trails Master plan for the Shire.

The Shire of Lake Grace is now investigating the opportunity of advancing this Master plan and is seeking      community consultation to gauge if the Community is supportive of the Council identifying and prioritising potential trails. If the community are seen to be supportive and identify the priority projects then council staff will seek     detailed costs and identify and speak to potential funding bodies

Four trails (or sets of trails) were identified in 2006 as priority projects:

1. The Lake Grace town walk circuits

2. The Newdegate walk circuits

3. The Rifle Range Wildflower walk

4. White Dam bushland discovery trail.

In order to assist Council in understanding the communities priorities for this project , the Shire  is asking you to identify the order of your priority for the walk circuits and trails. A form can be found at the back of the Community Fact Sheet No 1.

More information can be found in the Community Fact Sheet No 1 - November 2014. Copies of the fact sheet has recently been posted. If you have not received a copy it can be viewed by clicking below.

Community Fact Sheet - No 1 - November 2014


Lake Grace All Ages Playground

After receiving feedback from the community in relation to the suitability of the local playgrounds, research was done on appropriate equipment for various age groups and opportunities that can be created locally to make a playground unique to Lake Grace.

A well-planned and well-designed playground has the potential to become well-used and a highly valued community asset.

At the November 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council endorsed Shire staff to proceed with identifying funding sources, design, site analysis and community consultation for an All Ages Playground in Lake Grace.

For more information please see the Community Fact Sheets.



Community-Fact-Sheet-2-March-2014-a.pdf | pdf | 835 KB | Last Changed: 01/08/2014 10:47am


Community-Fact-sheet-1-February-2014.pdf | pdf | 1.3 MB | Last Changed: 01/08/2014 10:47am

Strategic Community Plan Review

Have your Say

Please have a say in the future development of our Shire

During February and March, the Shire is inviting community members to contribute to a review of the Strategic Community Plan 

This is a great opportunity for residents to have input into the future direction of the Shire

We need your feedback and participation at the community workshops and community survey

Community Workshops

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

    Session 4

Monday 27 March

Monday 27 March

Tuesday 28 March Tuesday 28 March
1pm – 3pm

6pm – 8pm

12pm – 2pm 6pm – 8pm

Varley Sports Pavilion

Newdegate Recreation Centre

Lake King Hall Lake Grace Town  Hall

Please register your intention to attend by calling the Shire on 9890 2500 or email shire@lakegrace.wa.gov.au


Please visit the Shire website to complete the survey online www.lakegrace.wa.gov.au

Alternatively, you can collect a copy from the Lake Grace Shire Office, Lake Grace Library & CRC, Newdegate Library & CRC, Lake King Store and Varley Store
Please return survey forms by 4.00pm Wednesday 29 March 2017


The Shire of Lake Grace thanks you for your participation!